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Date Opened 2001
Game Type MOO
Genre Marvel comic
Rating R

X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor

MU* Website: http://www.xmenmovieverse.com

MU* Telnet Address: xmenmovieverse.com/Port: 7007

X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor (XMM:XF) is a MOO-based roleplaying game based in the movieverse of X-Men canon, although game canon diverges after the events of the first X-Men movie. It is focused on the secret government agency known to very few as 'X-Factor,' which is located at a top-secret military compound in the Santa Cruz mountains, just a few hours from San Fransisco.

The mutant issue has grown in visibility over the past decade, with various nations taking different stances: some see mutants as a threat, and some see mutants as a tool. X-Factor is a new approach by the United States government to this issue. First formed in 2008, X-Factor became a full team in 2009. It is a top-secret and highly experimental government organization: a team of mutants formed to deal with exceptional circumstances in a world where conventional solutions no longer seemed to apply. They operate in the United States and overseas, as called upon by the United States government.

XMM: XF is an application-only game, with many feature characters available for interested players. There is a high population of original characters, for those who prefer to design their own. The game is based on limited consent and emphasizes roleplay in a realistic setting based on realistic consequences to actions. XMM:XF is a single-faction game, which enables staff and players to focus their energy and efforts, although secondary characters can exist outside of the  X-Factor faction.

For more information, please, see the game webpage (http://www.xmenmovieverse.com) or log into our game (tcp/ip address: xmenmovieverse.com port: 7007). There is also a game forum at (http://xmenmovieverse.com/forum).


X-Men Movieverse: X-Factor is a continuation and re-structuring of X-Men Movieverse, which was set in New York City and focused on the everyday struggles and lives of mutants in the city, as well as at Xavier's School, in the Brotherhood of Mutants, and in the Hellfire Club. In February of 2009, the game made the decision to shift the focus of the story in order to provide fresh avenues for new RP.

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