Voregotten Realm

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MU* Telnet Address: ports 8888 (plain) and 6666 (SSL)

Voregotten Realm is a role playing vore MUCK, but within these limits (role-playing and vore) there are only very little constraints about what can be RPed on it. First, I chose to avoid writing a precise plot for the MUCK; not by laziness, but because a strict plot cannot, in my opinion, be properly followed: either some RPers will simply ignore the plot, or the ones who abide it will finally find it too restrictive for their fantasy to take place on the MUCK. Instead of a plot, I then created situations: from these situations and from the interactions between the RPers, a plot may or may not draw by itself. This is unimportant in fact, because what actually matters is that everyone can have fun!