The Sea of Storms

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The Sea of Storms is a Wheel of Time MUD based on heavily modified SMAUG and primarily focused on role play. The code is designed to emulate the world created by Robert Jordan in exquisite detail and provide the basis for an in depth role playing environment.

We also provide a superb enviornment for those who do not wish to RP all the time. We are one of the few true 'RP Encouraged' MUDs, with many built-in incentives for Role Playing, though we do not force players to be constantly RPing.

We are also one of the only leveless WoT MUDs out there. Advancement is based upon use and observation of skills, weaves, flows, and weapon forms. You'll find no need to kill and kill and kill to gain levels here.

Features include an unique channeling system, taint for male channelers, addiction for both male and female channelers, strength and skill differentiation between male and female channelers, a form system for four different weapons with 200+ forms, 90+ weaves and 50+ skills. We also have multi-guilding, color customization, and weapon and armor forging. Other features are a dreamworld, wolfkin, angreal, and ter'angreal.

If you have any questions, please, just ask. We're always open and waiting to help out to the best of our ability.

Channelers: Similiar to Mages

Forms: Weapon Techniques

Weaves: Similiar to Spells

Angreal: A magical artifact that boosts one's strength in weaving/casting

Ter'Angreal: A magical artifact that can do any number of different things, some require people to use magic with them, some don't