Owner mud closed
Hosted by Galactic Insights Server
Date Opened July 2005
Codebase Galactic Insights 4.0RC
Genre Star Wars
Roleplay Enforced
Rating PG-13

Galactic Insights (SW:GI) is a non-profit MUD based in the Star Wars Galaxy. The game opened to players July of 2005. The rules are enforced by a team of Immortals or 'Imms', who also construct and improve the game. Galactic Insights employs the Galactic Insights 4.0RC codebase, a unique and powerful MUD engine.

Currently, there are 24 races (Species) available for play by characters. More are being developed.

Players may also choose from 'Classes'. Classes are different types of characters. By choosing a class you obtain that skillset. Such as, if you choose the 'Combat' Class, you will obtain advanced combat skills. A list of available classes is below:

The 'Force' Class is not chooseable at creation, but instead is bestowed upon players randomly. Only one in eighty (1 in 80) Characters obtain the force in this way. Force levels can be bought by using Role Play Points (RPP) Which are obtainable by showing good Roleplay. Force may also be instilled by a Jedi Master.

Connection Info[edit | edit source]

The MUD can be connected by directing your Telnet or MUD client to port 8060

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This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.

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