Realms of Despair

Realms of Despair Website:

Realms of Despair Telnet Address: 4000

Realms of Despair has been operating since 1994 and is the original SMAUG MUD. Using the unreleased SMAUG version 2.0 code system, much of our code is unique, secret, and constantly in development. It is 100% free and we will never charge for services.

Realms of Despair caters for all kinds of MUDders. We have an active Roleplaying community, an active player-killing (deadly) community, and a very active peaceful community. Players can choose from 13 classes (including one deadly-only class) and 13 races. Character appearances are customizable on creation and we have a vast collection of equipment that is level, gender, class, race and alignment specific.

We boast well over 150 original, exclusive areas, with a total of over 20,000 rooms. Mob killing, or "running" is one of our most popular activities, with monster difficulties varying from easy one-player kills to difficult group kills. Quests exist both in-game and Immortal-run, rewarding players with gold, equipment, experience or glory.

Coded organizations consist of deadly-only Clans, roleplay enforced Nations, class specific Guilds, and elite Orders, where players can make friends, or rise through the ranks to lead the organizations themselves.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.