Mirkwood Website:

Mirkwood Telnet Address: [ 4000]

Mirkwood started in 1995 and is still going strong. Famous for its social atmosphere, its inspired areas, and its professional coding, Mirkwood is a dynamic and active MUD undergoing almost daily code modifications. Recently, the coders implemented an original remorting system and added six new classes.

The world features two continents with a very extensive road system. Mirkwood's original and extremely powerful object, room, and mob scripts aid builders in creating immersive areas, many of which are based on the writings of Tolkien, including Lonely Mountain, Helm's Deep, Bree, Fangorn Forest, and Mordor.

However, Mirkwood's player and immortals are far too eclectic to stick to one theme. You can explore the battle-scarred moon Daktor, the red-neck Trailer Park, Mos Eisley, the magic-loathing city of Pelios, the vast and deadly Ocean.

This massive MUD includes 100+ areas, 10,000+ rooms (most are original), 3,000+ monsters, and 300+ shopkeepers.

Mirkwood's custom-designed stand alone area builder (Mac/Win) supports the continuous development of new areas. Any players can submit an area for implementation.

If you love the community of your fellows, join one of Mirkwood's eight tribes, which have huge castles and keeps; their own channels; custom time and weather messages; internal security; shops for armor, weapons, food, and tokens; recall rooms; healers, trainers, and guild masters; and access to a tribal arena.

Mirkwood is an old mud with a long history of rivalries, ongoing roleplay stories, and frequent immortal and mortal sponsored quests. Come join us and start your own life as a Mirkwoodian!

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.