Date Opened 2008
Game Type MUSH
Genre Marvel comic
Rating PG-13

Marvel Genesis

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Marvel Genesis (MGM) is a MUSH-based roleplaying game based in the world of Marvel. The setting of Marvel Genesis is modern-day Earth, with New York City as a primary location. As in, the here and now. We work on a 1:1 time scale - that is, one day real time is equivalent to one day MUSH time.

Our pop-culture is the pop-culture in the world of Marvel Genesis, though Marvel Comics do not exist. World economics are similar as well, as are natural events. 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina have happened. Past wars (Civil War, WWI/WWII, Vietnam, Korea and those in the Middle East) have all occured, and the Iraq situation is on-going. The only deviation from the real world is the fact that the science in Marvel Genesis is slightly more advanced in both physics and genetics.

Incoming characters should be of the "Year One" variety. Things are only starting out, the increasing mutant population is still not known by the general public, and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is only known as a privately funded educational institution.

New York has always been a place for immigrants, and with a sea of over 8 million people it offers a beacon of hope for those with extraordinary powers - a place to seek out others of their kind in order to understand, control and use their powers for the greater good of humanity, or where they can allow their fear to turn into hatred, using their powers against human and mutant alike.

An application-only game, MGM allows a somewhat diverse list of Feature Characters, with more being added as needed. Originally designed characters are welcome as well, provided they fit the theme and structure of the game. While it primarily consent-based, there is a strict adherence to in-character actions resulting in in-character consequences.

Additional information can be found on the game website ( or by logging into the game and speaking to staff (telnet://