In 2651, James Eddings served as the front man for the Bright Horizons genetic engineering project on Sivad. When that was exposed as a Stellar Consortium military project to develop super warriors to combat the Nall, Eddings went into hiding. His travels led eventually to the Odysseus planetoid and service to Lord Fagin the Pirate King, after Fagin's palace on Tomin Kora was destroyed. Eddings developed the Legion Virus, which turned normal people into mindless, steel-skinned reptiloid warriors. He remained behind when Sanctuary fled the Kretonian Invasion, hiding on Sivad and artificially extending his life for centuries by manipulating the Legion Virus and injecting himself with it. In the year 3000, he helped point several saboteurs to Embryonix's "seed vault ship" before the virus that sustained him revolted against his body, sending him through a series of bizarre transformations before he was killed by Doctor Elianor Freyssinet.