GATEWAY - The MU* Community (formerly Online Gaming Resource)


Telnet: 6700 or 6677

E-mail staff

Note: On Dec 19, 2007 OGR became GATEWAY - The MU* Community.

Resources Quick List:

  • Game Embassies & Ambassador Lounge
  • Advertisement and social boards
  • Social channel/comsystem, as well as Public Lounge
  • Gaming opportunities (mini-mu, freestyle and table-top)
  • Free code (donated code)
  • Private housing
  • Running modified Anomaly Jobs (+request to contact staff)
  • Mailing lists
  • Logs from past classes (coding, roleplaying, administrating) and MU* related articles on the website, etc.

We are open to just about all genres/games. Please take a moment to review our regulations and policies upon creating a login (in the newcomer and policy rooms), then you are free to roam about at will.


+GATEWAY - The MU* Community - Your Game, Your Resource+

Since 1998, GATEWAY - The MU* Community (formerly Online Gaming Resource (OGR)) has provided a positive place for MU* players, staff and newbies to the MU* community to gather and share information and ideas. GATEWAY is a recognized leader in resource and social MU*s, and offers a variety of services to its regular and new visitors alike. +Your Gaming Resource+

Want to test out a gaming idea in a mini-mu* format, have a place where you and your friends can meet for an online tabletop, or do you just want a place where you can RP on the spot? GATEWAY is your one-stop gaming resource. You can run a mini version of your game, run a tabletop game or utilize a variety of open rooms for spontaneous RP!

+If You Build It, Will They Come? GATEWAY Can Help!+

One of the most difficult aspects of opening and maintaining an online game is having a way to let others know you're out there. GATEWAY provides a variety of ways you can get the word out about your game:

  • Open an Embassy at GATEWAY - This gives you a great way of introducing your game and concept to a broad range of gamers and other admins.
  • Take advantage of the bulletin boards - There are several +bboards specifically designed to allow you to get the word out about your site, and even post staffing or player needs.
  • Run an event - Put GATEWAY to work for you! Use an event at GATEWAY to inform others about your game or system.

Whether you play MUDs, MUSHes, MUCKs, MOOs, MUXes, White Wolf games, AD&D games, Steve Jackson games, or even games you've created yourself, you're welcome at GATEWAY.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.