The City State of Fastheld

A territory measuring about 9,500-square-miles in area, contained within a massive stone wall known as the Aegis, Fastheld is a feudalistic society ruled by the Kahar Imperial line, a council of advisors and six noble houses.

The realm is divided into five major districts.

Palace District: This is the center of the realm, the seat of power that is home to Caryas Hill, upon which stands the majestic Fastheld Keep. The Lightholder River snakes around the base of Caryas Hill. Sitting on the other side of the river from the hill is the township known as Lightholder Crossroads. Many newcomers to Fastheld start their adventure in the Lightholder Tavern.

River District: The northern district straddles the shores of the Fastheld River, including the junction where the Fastheld and Lightholder rivers conjoin to form Darkwater Junction. The Church of True Light’s bastion, Sun’s Keep, is in this district, as are the prominent townships of Aegisport, Hawk’s Aerie, Wedgecrest and East Leg. Smaller communities in the River District include Sweetwater Fields, Eastwatch, Light’s Crossing and Road’s End.

Market District: The center of commerce for the realm of Fastheld, east of the Palace District, south of the River District and north of the Forest District. This section of the city-state is taken up by the Central Bazaar and its auction houses, Guild Row and the Fahral Mikin Trade School.

Forest District: The southern district of Fastheld, bisected by the Lightholder River, is where many of the ancestral holdings of the realm’s six major noble houses can be found, in townships such as Fanghill, Aegisview (formerly Vozhdya), Nillu’s Lode, Hedgehem, Southwatch, Silkfield, Light's Reach, and Marble Grove.

Shadow District: The western district of Fastheld is a veritable dumping ground of society’s castoffs, misfits and criminals. It’s a quagmire of fallen nobles expelled from their families and peasant sons and daughters just trying to eke out meager survival. The Shadow District is home to gambling houses, brothels and drug dens.

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