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Several special roleplaying events are planned on the games of in August and early September:

OtherSpace: The Farthest Star - 1790

  • Aug. 10: Avocet's Brigade - This storyline follows General Charles Avocet and the survivors of the Vanguard carrier vessel Versailles as they launch resistance efforts against the Kretonian invaders on Earth in the 27th Century.
  • Aug. 17: Altheor's Teeth - This storyline chronicles the conflict between the Demarians and the Nall in ancient times, leading up to the storied sacrifice of the felinoid commander.

OtherSpace: Millennium - 3005

  • Aug. 24: Everwar Year 1 - This storyline explores the first year of the four-year conflict between the Orion Arm Union and the Nexus Concordance in the early 41st Century.

Chiaroscuro - 3005

  • Aug. 31: The Emperor's Hawk - This storyline offers insight into the rise of Gell Mikin, the Imperial Surrector of Fastheld, who hunted Shadow-Touched mages and served as the right hand of Fastheld's Emperor until his death at Light's Reach.

Necromundus - 3005

  • Sept. 7: Death Gets a Job - This storyline shows how a council of Ascendant and Descendant immortals decided to bring order to the chaos of the afterlife.