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Dragonfire MUD is an ancient LPMud running since the early 90's. We offer an enjoyable small-mud environment as well as a flexible development environment for staff to create new content.

Wizards! Developers! We want you! We're always looking to add to the content at Dragonfire. Interested in learning LPMud coding? Do you have a vivid imagination with fantasy fiction? Log in, speak to our wizard staff!

Dragonfire MUD features:

  • a fully customized mudlib
  • custom uniquely written areas to explore
  • many quests to complete
  • unique events system - custom events trigger off randomly creating environmental changes or events for players to participate in
  • in-depth effects system controls mud wide spell effects on each player
  • custom written guilds provide the most unique character customization muds have to offer

Features for wizards:

  • web based area design, DFDesigner! unique to! makes it easy to work on your area via the web and once complete, export the entire project to code
  • a development port of the game dedicated to quick and dirty wizardry. promotes LPMud coding and new wizards.

DFDesigner Example
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