Game Name: Dawn of the Ages



Port: 8000

Dawn of The Ages may look familiar, but brings nonstop action 24 hours a day to your computer. Although it is one of many massive text based worlds of adventure roleplaying and fantasy, it is unique unto itself. There are many surprises held to discover. The features making Dawn of the Ages a unique mud include:

--->> One of the greatest original worlds ever: over 12.800 total rooms to explore and growing daily.

--->> 34 races and 7 professions combined with more than 50 careers support an unbelievable variety, you will not find in any other mud. Joining the strongly roleplay-motivated clans will even further enhance your experience.

--->> A caring staff working nearly 24 hours a day. No newbie stands alone!

--->> An optional "Player Killer-System" to compete against others. Non-Player-Killer will find their fun here, too

--->> Dawn of the Ages offers arena fights for anyone willing to take a risk. The encouraged roleplaying environment supports the fights even more. Team-battles, group against group, is just one of many possibilities.

--->> Dawn of the Ages allows everyone to increase gamefun by taking part in lots of quests. Quests, be they found through exploration or given by our immortal staff are always events that increase the fun level. Not only do various rewards, such as neat items, questpoints or other nice surpises, spark the players interest, they are a great way to get to know the other players better. Just a little motivation and creativity is needed!

--->> A reincarnation system, that will never let your gamefun stop at all. The intense roleplay background of such races, along with an additional roleplay-based set of skills make sure your fun will last. To reincarnate, one will have to pass the 50 levels of mortality.

--->> A community of players to chat and roleplay with...

--->> A stable server will never stop your fun in Ayreon!

Interested? We invite you to step into a new world and explore it together with all the others. Enjoy the game only constructed to serve you as the player. You will not find a game similiar to Dawn of the Ages anywhere. The encouraged roleplaying excitement is just one of many things Dawn of the Ages offers. So take a look around and visit us!

"Dawn of the Ages staff should take money for all their work...harhar, god thanks i am already in and it's still free.", Chronus Merblade, Mage Eater, Warden of Callador