This is a starter wiki page to serve as a gathering place for Dark Metal alumni who have gotten their shit together enough to find this page, and who have fond memories of many of the people they grew up with.

People from all aspects of mu*ing contibute to this Wiki. Players, admins, owners, builders and coders have come together here to share information on the Dark Metal they played on and the way Dark Metal impacted them. Whether you have come to read or to share your knowledge, you too are a part of this community.

Please add yourself if you feel that Dark Metal contributed to your life in some way, even if it was mostly exposing you to the kinds of psychopaths you normally have to worry about finding you.

If anyone can create a forum to link from this wiki, that would also be appreciated. I feel like this MU* is too important to have it die on some forgotten server, and feel that there were many significant people involved with the project.

Created by - feel free to add yourself here as this is an inclusive wiki, Staff go at the top along with title.



Players of note:

David Arnold, who played:

Willim (Cultist of Ecstasy - A watcher and waiter, who saw everything and was one of the few mages to have vampire lore from in-game interactions with Valerie, unless she started slinging that out left and right afterward, and I was just the first mistake)/

Niln (Technocracy - a good Technocrat who bent the rules when it was right, when someone needed dying, who attacked Dagoth when he was being a stupid dick)/

Peter (Celestial Chorus - bible-thumping crazy with an angelic twin named Adam, a Lifesaver who told people they were going to hell and often tried to send them there)/

Bunion (Tremere Vampire, fond of boiling people's blood just a little and overall being a benevolent asshole when possible)/

Sergei (Super-spiritual Stargazer who came from a Russian background and fought fiercely against stupidity within the Garou).

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