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A MUSH set in the popular RPG of Rifts. A cyberpunk game set some time after the initial collapse of civilization, magic and technology flourish and compete. North America is dominated by the Coalition States, human supremacists who believe that the only way to guarantee the safety of mankind is the complete destruction of everything non-human or magic. The MUSH itself is set in the city of Kingsdale an oasis of personal liberty, science and racial tolerance that is surrounded on three sides by the Coalition. Chronicles promises intricate and carefully woven story and many opportunities for personal development and advancement. In-character politics, investigation, research and experimentation are not just encouraged, but essential and the administration pride themselves on creating an environment where role-play is the only essential 'ability'. The careful, quiet scientist is able to take on just as much of a role in our plots as the hulking warrior or the shifty mage. At Chronicles, brains count for as much as brawn. Feel the tingle along your spine as a the shadow of a vampire slips past in the darkness. Soar a thousand meters over monster-laden forests in your flying power armor, ever alert for threats to the helpless people far below. Experience the power of magic as you open yourself to a ley line. Know fear as you stare into the cold, unblinking mechanical eyes of a full conversion cyborg. Discover that friendship is not diminished by race, creed, or profession. Feel pride as you stand for one of the few bastions of 'good' that remains in North America. Above all, feel liberated as you let your imagination run free. This is Rifts: Chronicles of Kingsdale, and we invite you to explore our story with us