Carrion Fields

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MU* Telnet Address: 4449

We are one of the muds which people try to imitate, rather than an imitator. We feature an array of races and classes which have enough variety to make each character a unique experience, not just the same thing with a few different skills. Warriors specialize in weapons and can learn the secrets of the 36 Legacies of the Macalla. Shapeshifters can learn from ~100 different forms. Necromancers can risk their existence to transform into the undead. Thieves can customize their skill list as they train among various masters. Paladins can earn additional communes befitting the virtues they best espouse. The list goes on!

A large world: 250+ areas (~23000 rooms), all written especially for CF, including many puzzle/quest based 'exploration areas'. Extensive help files (1600+) both in the game, during character creation, and on our web page if you want to read them safely. Player Killing among characters you'd be competitive with. A deep roleplaying environment with a flexible reward system. Hundreds of built-in quests, plus custom ones run live by our staff. A system of religions where Immortals tattoo their followers and empower priests. Eight highly detailed Cabals to join for protection, power, and camaraderie. Nine different ways to earn experience. Tight game balance which offers a challenge even to experienced players. We have been open to the public for over eleven years!

Carrion Fields is COMPLETELY free to play. No pay-for-perks arms races, no hidden subscriptions, no trial periods. While our extensive commerce system makes copper coins coveted within the game, real-life money won't do you a cent of good. Don't be fooled by games that say "free" but don't mean it!

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.