Arizhel Esmeralda Xochitl Velasquez
Arizhel Esmeralda Xochitl Velasquez
Arizhel Velasquez, circa 3006
Species or race Human
Gender (if any) Female
Height 167cm (5'6")
Weight 64.86kg (143lbs)
Hair color
(or apical end color)
Eye color Brown
"Biological birth year" 2977
Born ( 2977.06.10
Died N/A
Residence Greenville, New Luna
Employer Self-Employed
Character name Arizhel

The daughter of Angelica and Enrique Velasquez, Arizhel was born on Earth in 2977. Before she was six years old, it became clear that she was gifted with remarkable musical talent. Because of this fact, her parents made the move to Sivad. Of course, this involved considerable risk, as the Solar Consortium wasn't any more keen on their people leaving than they were on outsiders coming in. After making the necessary arrangements with an opportunistic ship's crew, the Velasquez family was smuggled out of the system.

Arizhel was, and in fact still is, an exceptionally talented pianist, and ended up playing concerts first on Sivad, then in select locations around the Orion Arm. That is to say, she played almost exclusively at settlements inhabited by humans. At the age of fifteen, she ran away from her parents en route to a concert, having grown jaded to what she viewed as exploitation of herself and her talents for her parents' gain. The next three years were spent traveling under various flimsy pseudonyms. To be quite honest, she avoided her parents and the authorities for those three years by sheer dumb luck. By the time they found her, she was eighteen, and already starting a life on her own, playing in taverns and clubs.

After a few more years of a fairly free-spirited lifestyle, Rish came to rest on New Luna, drawn to the pastoral setting. She played in the local venues, eventually taking an interest in picking up something new, and ending up bartering playing time for instruction in bartending. Somewhere along the line, she also picked up additional musical skills, becoming proficient on the guitar and violin. She is also known to be a fairly talented singer.

It's not really clear when they met, but sometime during what she refers to flippantly as her "wandering years," Arizhel developed a friendship with Lydia Martin], who was at the time the captain of the cruise ship NLG Masquerade. With the commission of the ship, Arizhel was offered a position on board as both bartender and entertainer. As of late September, she had voluntarily relinquished the position as head bartender, but nonetheless remains fast friends with Martine. In the meantime, Rish has been sighted plying her musical talents wherever she can get her hands on a stage where she can do so. In the recent past, she's joined up with Drunk Ferretmonkey, a three-member band from the Greenville area. On a more personal note, she's recently become engaged to be married to Dirionis Callot.