Date Created December 1997
MUD Genre Anime
Codebase PennMUSH 1.8.3 patchlevel 7 (Heavily Modded)
Rating PG -> PG-13

Angelic Layer MUSH

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Tokyo, Japan, Earth. In 1998, the first Angel Egg was released. The new game quickly became the biggest fad of the century. Even though it took a special, very expensive device to move the dolls that were called Angels, and though most people needed to rent one to play, the sight of a doll moving to your thoughts, the sight of the doll coming to life was priceless. You could make the dolls fight battles. You could win prizes and participate in tournaments. And you could buy a truckload of accessories to go with any single doll.

In 2001, Angelic Layer Inc. announced that the brainwave-controlled Angels helped the company achieve a long-desired advance in medical technology. With the knowledge and expertise gleaned from the game, they could now create fully functional, mentally controlled prosthetics. Thousands of people all over the world could now return to a normal way of life.

But less than a year after that, a new announcement shook the world of Angelic Layer. An upgrade of the layers to the New Layer Control System now allows people to make their angels speak, it allows tactile feedback - and more! Unfortunately, it meant that everybody, even the best players, had to learn everything anew. But with this change, the game moved to heights previously unheard of - whatever this comes to, is anybody's guess, but there's been a lot of controversy regarding this game.


Angelic Layer MUSH is an general anime role-playing game, centered around Eriol school in Tokyo, Japan which teaches children from from kindergarten through high school. In recent years, Angelic Layer, a game where dolls can move and fight on a specially designed layer using brain waves, has become quite popular and most children (and many adults) in Tokyo are involved in the games. There are yearly tournaments, local games, and the general day-to-day interaction of children and adults living in Tokyo.


   * Based on the manga and anime series by CLAMP
   * Unique code, including a collectible card game modeling Layer fights!
   * Extensive Pueblo graphical client support
   * High quality (if not quantity) of RP
   * A setting that combines the modern day with the wonders of anime!
   * School friendships, Tokyo shopping, and the intense competition of the Layer!

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.

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