Name: Advent of the Mists


Telnet: 8310


Advent of the Mists is developing into a detailed classic medieval fantasy MUD based on a heavily modified Rom 2.4 codebase. The MUD world is built from all original areas with a large focus on theme, description, and detail. Players can take advantage of 12 intricately detailed races, and our completely classless system, which allows them to customize their character's skills to fit their individual personality and concept. We maintain a rich roleplaying environment with heavy emphasis on character interaction and roleplay.


..which means we are doing a lot of testing and expanding of our game still. However if you are interested in taking part of Advent of the Mists as a builder, or beta tester, then feel free to read our requirements and email us. We also encourage those interested to log in and check things out, as we have a small established testing playerbase already. For now a lot of information will be limited in-game until we actually open into beta, so stop by and check us out until then!